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Thread: Need Advice. Won Paypal Seller Appeal but put into outside Collections

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    Default Need Advice. Won Paypal Seller Appeal but put into outside Collections

    Hello everyone,

    I'm in need of dire advice. Here is a brief explanation of my situation:

    1. On Nov. 6th a buyer from Mexico (eBay transaction) used a Buy it Now to purchase a 2010 Macbook Pro for 883.95 including S&H - he calculated his own shipping and paid for First Class International.

    2. On Nov. 7th I shipped the computer, putting out the extra money to ship USPS Priority Mail International.

    3. On Nov. 16th, the buyer opened an Item Not Received Dispute. I checked the tracking information and it read "Addressee not available - Will attempt delivery on next working day - 11/16/11 8:40am." I responded stating that he should contact his postal office to pick up the package and he responded by escalating this to a claim with Paypal on Nov. 17th.

    4. I opened up an investigation with the International Mail Inquiry Center.

    5. I sent Paypal a copy of the shipping receipt, customs form and tracking information.

    6. On Nov. 29th, they decided in his favor and my account went into the negative. I immediately started getting calls from Paypal's internal collections.

    7. I followed up with the USPS inquiry center, they had an update from Mexico City, they said the package was at the depot waiting to be picked up, I told them to tell Mexico City to send it back to me ASAP (as I checked "return to sender" on custom's form.

    8. Next day, I checked tracking information for the heck of it and saw that the item actually said delivered! (You're kidding me, right?)

    9. I immediately opened a Paypal Appeal, they asked ONLY for Proof of Shipment, I provided same (again).

    10. On Dec. 15th, after a few exchanges back and forth, I received the email below from Paypal:

    "Dear <my name>,

    We’ve finished investigating your appeal listed below.

    Complaint Details:
    Buyer's name: Octavio Aranda
    Buyer's email: [email][/email]
    Transaction ID: 3U766845GG829241U
    Transaction date: Nov 6, 2011
    Transaction amount: $883.95 USD
    Your transaction ID: 1JB045768W4610154
    Case number: PP-001-556-709-685

    After receiving your valid tracking information, we sent a courtesy email
    to the buyer requesting a full refund, payable to you.

    For more information regarding your payment, please contact the buyer.

    We value your business and want to help you avoid something like this in
    the future. The best way is to review our Seller Protection Policy. You’ll
    find it by clicking the "Legal Agreements" link located at the bottom of
    any PayPal webpage.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to either respond to
    this email or send a message to [email][/email].


    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company"

    Okay, great, so I "won" but you're not giving me my money back? Awesome. I called Paypal and the Customer Service Rep. stated that it's unfortunate but even though I kind of won, I need to get my money back directly from the buyer. I explained that I was worried that collections was still calling me and she ASSURED me that it would never go external and would only stay internal. Moreover, this is what the PayPal dispute status reads:

    After careful review of the new information you provided, your appeal has been granted.

    What happens next

    Please contact the buyer to have the refund issued from your account returned to you."

    So, I tried contacting the buyer, of course no response- sent a couple money requests to him, he canceled them.

    And then today, you guessed it, I get a phone call from Pinnacle Financial who is trying to collect my debt, i.e. I was turned into a collections agency. I am so upset about this it's not even funny. This guy has my computer, the money and I'm now into collections. I work for a non-profit company and live paycheck to paycheck. I need advice on how to best handle this situation- any help would be appreciated. Thank you kindly for anyone that took the time to read this. - Danielle

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    PayPal can easily send your buyers account into the red, just like they can send yours into the red, I'd call PayPal and keep asking for a manager until you get someone who can do that for you. I know when I have appealed rulings like this, when I win them the cash is always released to my account in a timely fashion, just like it would if the buyer had won.

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    It's PayPal responsibility to make sure you get the money back, as you are covered by their Seller Protection

    Press for it, by phone, for you to be given a full refund or you will take it to the US Ombudsman.

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    Thank you both for the advice. I tried pressing them for the refund, i.e. if they can put my account in the red, then they should just refund me and try to collect from the buyer.

    Their response was as such: Even though I won my appeal I didn't entirely win as I'm not covered by Seller Protection due to me not having a signature (since the item was worth over $250). They never even asked me for Proof of Delivery only Proof of Shipment... that is neither here nor there though as I didn't get Signature Confirmation (as I'm sure you know I would have had to pay an enormous amount of money to get it on an International shipmen. As it stood, the buyer chose to pay for First Class putting me out the extra money already since I opted for Priority which had tracking- lesson learned on that one.)

    So, basically, I pseudo-won my appeal.

    I will keep pressing for a manager that will assist me on this but I keep hitting dead ends. If anyone has any further input, I appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

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    Danielle, welcome to paypal the land of the loop holes. That really sucks what they did to you. Even when you are right and have proof you loose.

    I don't think you have to worry too much about the collection calls. You just tell the collection agency that you do not and never did owe this money and is they keep trying to collect from you on a debt you do not owe you will sue them. This should make them stop since they have to prove that you owe the money which they cant since they bought the debt for pennies on the dollar.

    As far as trying to collect the money that is owed to you....don't give up...keep calling them. You have the proof even if they are not interested in seeing it. Just keep on hounding them until you get someone that will help you. It is your money!


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