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Thread: Scott Thompson leaves PayPal CEO for Yahoo

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    Default Scott Thompson leaves PayPal CEO for Yahoo

    [url=]Yahoo Hires Scott Thompson Chief 4 Months After Firing Bartz - Businessweek[/url]

    So we need a new CEO to complain to.

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    So does this mean it will get better or worse, if possible? I read that John Donahoe, president and chief executive officer of eBay Inc is going to take over will take over as interim PayPal president. That just sounds like more of the same crap to me.

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    Surely things for PayPal or at least all of the people using PayPal can ONLY GET BETTER....please oh please we can't even ponder as to whether or not it will get worse, right? How much worse could they possibly be?! I will be hopeful for a new year, better year less PayPal headaches for all!!! Right?!

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    I wonder if he had a non compete clause in his contract with paypal? Yahoo! Store could definitely use a face-lift but to make it like paypal would be a bad idea.

    I wonder why he left Paypal? Maybe so he would be able to sleep at night? Rats are always the first ones leaving a sinking ship and maybe there is more to this story than we are being told. I am not going to keep a balance in my paypal account until I find out more.

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    Nope, he's looking for the next company to destroy & this is it. Meanwhile, PayPal can & will probably implement new "features" to lower it to a whole new level of low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oaretta View Post
    Nope, he's looking for the next company to destroy & this is it. Meanwhile, PayPal can & will probably implement new "features" to lower it to a whole new level of low.
    Quite true. Albeit Yahoo has been dishing out crappy quality service for some time, not to mention hiring incompetent dopes and high paid theives. It's bound to get even worse now. Or if anything; things will remain the same.

    Ha.. even most commenters jokingly said he'll probably start instituting charging fee's for leaving comments/reading articles/using email.

    *hopefully it IS a joke. Maybe that con won't get any ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by jayman
    I wonder why he left Paypal?
    Probably scammed from the "wrong person" in higher office somewhere.. or could no longer stand the heat with PP always being under scrutiny. Jumping ship when a new offer came along.

    Whatever the case may be.. sure won't be hurting with that nice healthy sum he'll be getting. Around $27 million worth.. jeez.

    I however won't know what yahoo will be like now with Thompson on board. Gladly dumped my email account with'em on Friday.

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    How is it that he gets 27 million dollars and paypal cant give me the money they owe me? And they owe me no where near 27 million dollars more like $330. Instead of giving that master scammer a departing gift how about taking that money and splitting it with all of us that have had our hard earnings taken from us by paypal.

    And now the ebay ceo is taking over paypal. The only company out there worse than paypal is ebay.

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    The rich keep getting richer and us poor bastards trying to make an extra buck selling on ebay using paypal get screwed over and over again.

    Scott Thompson leaving may be a good thing that only time can tell but remember change does not necessary mean improvement. It can go the other way too. Paypal has been steadily getting worse for years. Remember back in the day when you would sell something using paypal and get your money without any holds?

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    Oh, I fondly remember back in the day when headaches were few, money was mine and NOT after 21!! Gone, all gone! Change...nice concept especially when paired with Pay Pal because we all know Pay Pal could use a good shaking up, changing around but time will tell. I've been dumped on for the last time though so don't know that I will know if they indeed made a change for the better...HA PayPal make a change for the better...paypal/better = oxymoron

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    Default they are hiring at paypal

    just read that paypal is looking to fill the ceo position within the next 3-6 months. We can only hope that they will hire someone that will end all the stupid policies that are in place at Paypal and start using some more common sense.

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