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Thread: I want to make a new paypal but my last paypal had my social

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    taariqmajid Guest

    Default I want to make a new paypal but my last paypal had my social

    hi i would like to make a new paypal but they got my last social number. Can i open a new one. How can i avoid them wanting that.

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    makenzie71 Guest


    Just open a new account. Use a different email address, make up a name, and use someone else's mailing address. You cannot do anythign mroe than a basic account, though. I call it a shadow account and use one to accept eBay payments, then I transfer the money to a third party who secures the funds.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Good idea, that way they can lock that account as well. Just opening a new account and continuing is not very smart, they will find you.

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    Default how will they find you?

    If you use a different name and a different social security number, how will they be able to link the two accounts? Does Paypal know if you have two accounts from the same IP address, or something?

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    I think somehow Paypal will find out and lock both accounts for them being linked. I have seen it said that if you even try to access someone else's account from your computer, both your account and the other accessed account will be locked for being considered linked.

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    Default I've seen this happen before.

    Chad, I totally agree with your post. Paypal will discover that the old and the new accounts are connected and they will then shut both accounts down.

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    lexy1969 Guest


    They will connect them. They did mine. They suck!


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