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Thread: Burn in Hell Paypal

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    Default Burn in Hell Paypal

    Seriously ...

    WHY is this company still around?

    Their business practices verge (and often cross) the illegal; their Customer Service is non-existent; and they ALWAYS erase and redraw the 'fine-line' and fine print making them always right and the consumer always wrong.

    What is the point of having a call center that is completely useless? When you call paypal there are only two things that can happen

    1. They'll put you on hold just to hang up on you 20 minutes later

    2. They'll read you the FAQ that are available on Paypal's website.

    If that is not what you are looking for you are shit out of luck.

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    Default and take ebay with you

    I know ebay bought paypal and that they are just one and the same piece of crap. so I guess I should not have been surprised when I got no help trying to resolve some issues I had with a buyer a few months back.

    ebay turned on the customer, total lack of customer service and horrendous fees makes finding a safe and good deal impossible. the company is out of touch. for the first time in many years nothing under my tree came from ebay, the dealers prices on ebay are too damn high.

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    PAYPAL pisses me off big time!!!!!!! First off... I cant even get in touch with anyone in customer service.. That stupid automatic machine comes on!! They put me in the negative for no reason and now i have no money in my account, and when i put my next check in i will lose about $100... this is bull!!!!

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    Absolutely horrible customer service, telling you things you already know. They pretty much tell you everything that's already on the site. What's the point of customer service if the employees are just reading things off the paypal site? I can read that myself you idiots.

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    I called paypal up because I had some questions and concerns regarding my paypal account and come charges to my paypal account.

    After finally getting a person to talk to I was none the wiser and none of my questions were answered. For all I know they could have been speaking a different language to me because what they were saying regarding my questions were not answered and I was told that they could not look up charges done to my account. Say what??


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