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Thread: Proof of shipping for virtual products

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    Default Proof of shipping for virtual products

    Had big problem with PayPal; sold membership on our site, and got limited because couldn't provide shipping proof of virtual membership that is not shipped but emailed.

    I don't think we are the only ones selling virtual goods on eBay. People sell all kinds of things that you download/e-mail instead of ship but still they insist on tracking information. And an e-mail is no good. So what is a person supposed to do. I cant get proof of shipping because it was delivered online.

    It is time for them to update their system and make it more user friendly for all and not just for scamming buyers.

    I had conformation from buyers that they had received what they paid for but paypal does not take e-mails as proof.

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    I really don't think paypal cares whether sellers gets taken by buyers or not. Either way they make money the the transaction.
    It is NOT safe to well virtual products through ebay. Because, like you said, there is no way to provide a tracking number and that is the only proof that they will consider.

    Funny thing is that on ebays website they have a guide on how to "Buying Virtual Items Safely" but there is no guide on how to sell Virtual Items Safely.

    Seller Protection....hmmmmm......

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    there is no seller protection what so ever. It doesn't matter if you are selling virtual or physical products. It doesn't matter if you have proof of shipping or not.

    More than once I have shipped items that show received (by looking up the tracking number) by buyer but still they file a claim that it was not received. The excuses are endless; a neighbor signed for it, the post office messed it up, that is not my signature, it was left by the door and someone stole it and so on and paypal always sides with the buyer. Every single dispute!

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    You will have much better protection using a real merchant account to sell your virtual products than you have with paypal.
    I switched from Paypal to merchantinc and have not had any problems selling physical and virtual products. It does not leave an option for the buyer to rip you off. So much better than paypal.


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