This guy wanted to "buy" my eBay seller account from me. At first i thought everything was going well but then he decided to screw me over. From my conclusion, he wanted to scam me and keep both account and money as well as my merchandise.

This guy sent money over to me and I told him to wait so I can progressively change information as well as get his geolocation so that when he logs in to eBay he wouldnt get blocked. After 3 days, he filed a dispute. I had sent my items and gave him a tracking number for the merchandise so when i saw the dispute i immediately called UPS to return it (still lost money for shipping though). I even told him from the beginning it's gonna take time to change information but seller refused. Once I saw he made a dispute and figured his plan, I ceased contact but i still get harassed by him even after it's been a month.

His intention was to have the merchandise recieved and the account information then file a dispute (which is an automatic case win for him since he is a buyer).

Dont trust him.

Also flossmodeceo on this forum likes to bash on me. He got my paypal limited because i called paypal and they said the sender had suspicious activity and that is why the limits were put. It would have taken less than an hour to give my documents to PayPal but flossmodeceo decided to be a dick and file a dispute within 10 minutes after he sent it.

To all other potential buyers here: You have to be patient with the sellers.