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    mafiakitty Guest

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    Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, though I haven't been able to find it.

    Is there an alternative to Paypal that can be used with auctions and does NOT place any kind of a hold on funds?

    I've been doing auctions for quite some time and now that Paypal is placing holds on funds, I'm limited as to what I can sell (some is done via drop-shipping) I also need to have at least enough money freed up for shipping, which is no longer the case anymore either.

    If it's a drop shipped item, I need to be able and pay the supplier as well - and that's difficult to do if it's a high priced item. I've been using the same suppliers for nearly 2 years, without a single issue from my side OR the buyers.

    Thanks ~`

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    MelissaH Guest

    Default alertpay

    alertpay has no limits or mimnum tranfer but can use on eBay! I have the same problem so I have decided to just try and open my own website instead will hopefully get everything goingby feb 2011


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