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Thread: How Paypal Gets Away With It!

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    Default How Paypal Gets Away With It!

    EBay spent $385,000 on third-quarter lobbying.
    Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.

    That is 9 percent more than the $353,850 the San Jose, Calif.-based online marketplace operator spent in the previous quarter and 6 percent less than the $411,450 eBay spent in the year-ago quarter.

    So every time you wonder how paypal gets away with their shady business practices just know that they bought a few influential politicians in Washington that will cover their ass and criminal behavior.

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    WHAAATT? Back the truck up! It's no wonder they froze my account and keep my money...they do it because THEY CAN. I had no idea they spent so much money paying off the "right" people to keep themselves (Pay Pal execs) rollin in OUR DOUGH! Here's a crazy bout rather than keeping my money to help pay your lobists....just do good business with good people. Crazy concept but it can work! This just burns my butt!

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    Aahaa so that is what they are using the our money for. They hold our money, earn interest and use that to pay off Washington.

    Barbara Walters here is a story for you!!! Look into paypal instead of trying to convince the world that there is anything remotely fascinating with the Kardashians.

    I think that paypals business manners are deplorable.

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    Default Bribery plain and simply

    Buying-off the right people seems to be paying off for paypal.

    Now with their hands free to do whatever paypal wants they have made it a habit of holding peoples money for at least 21 days. In many cases a lot longer. And it is interesting what you can and can't do when your account is limited;

    You can
    -receive money
    -add card or bank account
    -update acc info
    -use paypal logos

    Well thank you do much paypal for allowing me to add another bank account while you are holding on to my money.

    You can not
    -withdraw your money
    -send money
    -refund money
    -close account
    -remove card or bank account (you can't really ever do this they hold on to all your information for ever)

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    Is this how paypal got started?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayman View Post
    Is this how paypal got started?
    Love it, so true jayman!

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    This is dead on...hard to laugh when this backwards business has our cash though!

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    Quite easy. Just vote Republican / Libertarian and demand that our government to stay out of it. Therefore, allowing these Goliath monopolies to do as they please and crush anyone in the process.


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