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    Default PayPal take my money

    When I sell item for 1000 and the costumer wants to return it for any reason. It does not matter that I not accept returns they bill my paypal for 1000, then ask my bank for 1000, then mark my ebay negative for 1000. All of this while I still have no merchandise and now I am minus 3000. This goes away with time and turns into your original 1000. They are terrible company that cares little about the people that pay them. They take 12% of everything I make and on return they give me the finger. Free market my ass

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    There is no protection for you as a seller. paypal will screw you over and then move on to screw over some buyers as well.

    Paypals fees are outrageous and they conduct their business in a very shady way.

    Anyone that think paypal cares for their users/customers are in for a rude awakening. All they care about is how to get a hold of your money. And once they do, because they always do, they will shut your ass down when they can't milk you for anything else.

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    12% thats insane. I don;t ever remember paying that much when they were screwing with me.

    How about 1.99% that is what I am paying now. Signed up with and I also get the money deposited directly into my checking account.

    I just got so tired of the constant holds and limitations that paypal put on my account. It is impossible to conduct business under those conditions.

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    I like 1.99% but I still will sell on ebay so I can do so? I state on eBay I do no returns but still buyer want return and then paypal will give buyer money back but buyer still have my merchandise. So I have shit!

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    yes you can easily link this to your ebay account. You would just log in to your ebay account and under the account tab you select Site preferences and then selling preferences and take it from there with your merchant account information.


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