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Thread: Buyer keeps item and received refund

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadHot View Post
    Items sent to 'customers' that have tracking, only to have paypal say the itmes were not received. "Customers" kept my items which include several hundred dollar speakers and paypal gave them their money back. A second time this happened. I ebayed a smartphone , $600 value, only to have paypal do the same thing. I just want my items or money back. Paypal... @#$% you! Your thieves, liars and cheaters!
    Are you serious? I really can't believe this can happen, but after reading the posts below it makes total sense. There are always some wise guys that spot the flaws in the system and if PayPal is allowing cancelling items and request for refunds after the shipping is made, come on, why would the buyers return the items? Really poor move from PayPal, not clever at all...

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    Just stop using paypal then. Go use amazon or something else. If you still want to use paypal then lawyer is all I have to say.


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