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Thread: I need ebay/paypal account(s)

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    Smile I need ebay/paypal account(s)


    Tired of the eBay/PayPal Games, or Just Don't Need/Use Your Account(s) Anymore? I have a solution that can benefit both of us... Especially Need a Established eBay Store...

    Instead of just Closing your Established Account(s) and walking away, why not get something back and help me at the same time? I am a Seasoned USA PPS Forum User who can put your account(s) into good use. I am interested in one or more established eBay and/or PayPal account(s) that you have.

    Detail(s) Needed on Account(s):

    Date Account Established
    Current Feedback Number and Rating
    Last Date Logged In
    eBay Store
    PayPal Account - Limited or Unlimted (if included)

    Lastly, PRIVATE MESSAGE me with this info and let me know what you are asking for them. I will then verify your account(s) info and we can close the deal.

    REMEMBER - All Communication Between us will be Safe and Confidential. I am a Honest and Dependable US Based Buyer/Seller, so you have no worries.

    So please send me a Private Message or so we can talk! Thanks for your time and consideration...
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