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Thread: I work For PayPal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Put my car up for sale on about a week ago. Since then, I've had 4 different people try to tell me that they are in the military and they don't need to see the car and they are going to send their "agent" to come pick it up all I have to do is give them my paypal email. Honestly I'd love to give them a false account or something, just to waste their time for trying to scam innocent people out of their hard earned money... regardless of how see-through their stupid scams are. What the worst part is that it is possible tu pull scams like this using paypal as paypal has no problems processing transactions like this and then giving the scammer their money back.
    never accept paypal for anything that will be picked up as this is the easiest way to get scammed by paypal. paypal should not even allow for this to be allowed since to their own admission 90% of all in person pick up transactions are fradulent.

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    I've been with them since they began & NEVER had an issue. I also live 55 miles away from their headquarters and I wonder if that has something to do with it. I do fear every time i log in to my account that there will be some kind of limitations for no reason but it has yet to happen....yet being the keyword I fear. I try to never keep more then $50 in my pp account.

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    I am ebay seller just create an eBay business account with Hong Kong eBay and pre approve the monthly selling limit 1.6 million monthly since May. We starting selling but just one of the buyers filed false claim then Paypal limit the account for further verification. But 1 day after they put it 180 days limitation just because the checked items listed on eBay and they think our phone case is Imitation. The phone case no brand logo and not a brand item just don't know why it breach the policy. They have hold me about 20000 US. I wish to find a way to release my account to back to normal. After having read the horror stories on this site i am starting to fear there is not much I can do. If you really work for Paypal HudaJuda please help me.

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    Default Adam at paypal you suck!

    Paypal limited my account claiming that ebay told them I was selling fake phone cases. I have 100% feedback on ebay. However, ebay didn't suspend my account, which proves paypal rep was lying to me. His first name is Adam. He was really really rude while I was speaking with him.

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    paypal have now with held my money for 4 months and despite complaining to the ombudsman and they having contacted paypal, paypal have ignored them and not provided me with even an email, no courtesy there. It has been 8 weeks since the ombudsman wrote to paypal. They are not bothered by anyone, not even the ombudsman drives fear into them. Ridiculous.

    Does anyone at paypal have any morals or inclination to do the right thing? Or are they all brainwashed like you are in training.

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    Thumbs down too right frikkin SCAB DO ONE THE NERVE SUMS U SHOWERS UP

    [QUOTE=Chevyman801;109403]Interesting that someone who works for PayPal has the nerve to post in a PAYPAL SUCKS forum. Yea, yea, are only trying to make sure nobody gets ripped off by scam artists...yada yada yada. How is it that your site is filled with them? Maybe ya'll should invest a little time and effort into your site sellers to ensure they are legit before they are scamming people on your site. I think your mega business is too damn big for its own good allowing the regular, honest joe to get burned BIG TIME. Maybe you need to get back to work on helping some poor bloke who was just scammed retrieve his money in a timely fashion rather than make claims in a forum


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    If you really work for Paypal then can you help me unlimit my account? It was limited for reasons unknown and I have $240 in that account that I desperately need. Just let me know what information you need.

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    Default your all stupid if you think pp is protecting you!

    Ive been selling several years on ebay, me and wife changed cell providers and sold our almost new phones on ebay. First sold no hangups, second sold and about a week later buyer disputed and said it was an unauthorized transaction,, really theres ppl that stupid among us. Pp ruled for me almost instantly, next day he files dispute saying he never got it,, yep we really do have stupid all around us , the shipping label was printed thru them with signature conf. Pp pulled shipping and theres his signature. Rule for me again. 3 days later disputes again saying phones broke, pp says they wont allow him to do this cause hes already file two fradulent claims. Buyer files dispute with credit card company and sends me a phone back thats been broken on concrete and paypal charges back my account for the transaction. Over a months span i talked with 6 different reps with pp, 4 of whom were supervisors and every one of them promised me i was covered no matter what and if buyer did send phone back and it was damaged all i had to do was file a claim. Now they say theres no way they can help me because buyer went outside pp to resolve, but guess what, pp is the one removing the money from my account and yet they speak out of the other side of their mouth and say they ruled for me but theres nothing they can help me with. If you think pp is gonna stand behind you then all i can say is your a really nieve dumbass and youll learn the hard way. Pp lied to me period. They said I WAS COVERED!!!Dont worry about anything YOU ARE COVERED, i heard that every time i called, no matter what you are covered. The only thing im covered with is a bunch of shit that sprayed all over me every time they opened their mouth. And the dumbasses repeat the same line from their monitors that pisses me off even more. We're sorry sir but theres nothing we can do. Worst part of all, if they would have told me i wasnt covered all i had to do was refuse the package and the buyer couldnt get a refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Langer View Post
    If you really work for Paypal then can you help me unlimit my account? It was limited for reasons unknown and I have $240 in that account that I desperately need. Just let me know what information you need.
    He is not going to help you he probably don't even work for paypal and is just a shill for them.

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    I just closed my Paypal account. Thank goodness. I'm really glad I did after reading all the horror stories here.


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