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Thread: I work For PayPal

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    Default im pissed

    paypal is practically no help were better off just risking our identities by using a regular credit card then attempting to try to trust u guys "paypal" to do the right thing. ur either like or worse then those who steal from us our money daily bread. the hell with paypal !!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
    I work at PayPal in the fraud department. We do the best we can to try and prevent people from getting ripped off but sometimes people are just careless and hen we get blamed. Sometimes we have to limit accounts if activity looks suspicious but if you are being honest then you should be able to provide us with the documentation we require. The limitations we put on accounts are not done just for fun. PayPal is risking its own money in these transactions. If say you are selling a Rolex for $5k and have no history of sales and have entered no tracking number, why should we believe you are honest? Because you know how to use a computer? We don't know you. If the item does not get delivered PP has to pay not the thief. The most we can hope is to get the money back through a collection agency and with a suspicious ID that is pretty much impossible. The limitations are the only way PP can protect itself or the buyers. And some buyers are just plain stupid. I had an account today buying concert tickets on Craig's list from someone she did not know who had just opened a new account and was withdrawing the money right away. Maybe the seller is honest but should I let the seller withdraw the money? Would you? Of course I limited the account. We need some proof these items are getting delivered.
    Oh boy, this is some funny stuff isn't it? Ok explain what gives PP the right to just arbitrarily freeze a persons account for no reason? Have you ever seen a bank do that? Nah I didn't think so. Oh and some buyers are just plain stupid huh? So I buy a $2000 laptop and I get sent a box of wrapping paper, the seller delays shipping until after I put in an INR dispute and then they can send me what ever the hell they want with tracking?! Of course then there's your famous seller protection isn't there. I sell that $2000 laptop and they buyer uses a stolen credit card and guess what unless I use delivery confirmation I'm the one that wears the loss and was never advised of this prior to the transaction! Oh and the famous SNAD dispute. You say that if the transaction is resolved within PP dispute resolution that I am "covered" against "any" reversals yet if the buyer files a chargeback for "not as described" and then either sends nothing back or an empty box with tracking I'm just supposed to chalk it up to the "costs of doing business"?! And this is after neither you nor the credit card company has actually seen the item, you just take the buyers word for it! If I buy a book from a your bookstore then go and try to return it after 45 days and demand a refund are you going to give me a refund huh? Of course not. Fraud department my foot, the only thing you lot do is aid and abet fraud and then do nothing about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
    I work in the Fraud department! My job is to prevent Fraud and spot Risky accounts.
    Great, see if you can answer this, although I doubt you will. Why do you continue to allow Leva Duell (don't worry, it isn't her real name) to scam sellers through PayPal? When I first reported her I had calculated that she gave out negative feedback to 30% of the people she purchased from and opened PayPal disputes with as many. I even told you folks how she ran her scam. Now, years later she's still doing it and still misrepresenting product on ebay. AND, she advertises her outside business website in her sales to encourage people to buy outside of ebay - and again, nothing done about it for years. She has a trail of victims throughout Europe and the US. After years of watching her and reporting her scams, I can only believe she is an ebay/PayPal sponsored scammer.

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    I love ebay and paypal. They let me get away with so many things. I have tons of accounts going on selling my stuff. I don't sell counterfeit stuff, just hard drives and computer components . When my real legit account was banned in 2010 I had to take this route.

    In the time I talk, email, or phone ebay or paypal about anything about my banned account. I can be back online and running with one of my many back up accounts. Then I will make another account to replenish the back up account for another time.

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    Default @ HudaJuda

    I understand where you're coming from. As a "Brick & Mortar" business owner myself now for 14+ years, and an internet business owner now for about 6 years, I understand the need to protect yourself. - I get it, and as much as it may shock you, I totally understand & agree with your logic about freezing accounts.

    HOWEVER, I will say that form personal experience, you guys MORE often than not, go WAY over the deep end. Like with my old account for instance.... I was a member of PayPal for probably about 2 years, mostly as a buyer and a hobbyist seller. Selling maybe $50 every couple of months. BUT buying $100's per week! EVERY WEEK! - After week, after week, after month after month.

    Then I got into selling when I decided to research being a supplier instead of a consumer & started selling on eBay. - I went through your crap account freezes... REPEATEDLY!

    And without exaggerating, I literally went through it every 3 weeks, to the day! for nearly 4 whole months! I was forced to fax your company so much freaking information about myself, you knew more about me then the Government, FBI & My own mother - PUT TOGETHER! I was forced to fax copies of my SS card no less than 4 times, my ID 5 times, even so much as Utility Bills, and copies of my mortgage to prove residency!

    YET I ALWAYS COMPLIED - 100% of the time! - Without Fail! As ridiculous as it was to KEEP sending you that information, especially sense you already had it, I still did it anyway... BECAUSE I WAS AN HONEST SELLER, and I had NOTHING to hide!

    The only thing I got mad about honestly was the fact that you guys already had my information, then you would demand it again! - That's Scary DUDE!!!! - Like WTF did you do with the last copies I sent you? Who the hell lost them? Where the "F" are they at? And all you guys could tell me was a very somber "I Dunno".

    Then after all of that, after months of complying.. You STILL suspended my account permanently because it was "Suspicious". - Now tell me you wouldn't be a little pissed off after all that?

    Then, You guys even suspended my grandmothers account after being a member for almost 18 months. She violated NOTHING! - 99.9 % positive feed back and never a peep out of her to you guys. THEN, one day, you froze her account, and demanded shot ID & all the other usual crap.

    The sad part? - I can prove you discriminated against her because of age!. First day account was froze, I helped her start faxing in information, and the very first doc she faxed in was photo ID... Not even having time to fax anything else in, just 7 hours after you received her photo ID showing her age, ACCOUNT CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

    And then, AND NOT UNTIL THEN, did she start having problems with her account. Could not send items, could not refund money, could not pay eBay fees... NOTHING - You ran a little old lady into the ground, and into tears! - Because she was so suspicious at 87 years old, and such a threat to your precious little company!

    So as far as I am concerned, Yes, PayPal is nothing more than a bucket full of maggots & worms! - You guys SUCK!

    I hope you sleep better tonight! - I don't know how you can even look in a mirror!

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    Paypal limited me for NO REASON!
    I had $3420 in my account that is still stuck there!



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    In the time it takes to fax anything to paypal, you could be making another account.

    My bother faxing anything to paypal, and never have so much money in paypal. I never have more then $500 in any paypal account, but I will never have a $0 balance also. Its good to have at least some funds to cover refunds or ebay fees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
    I work in the Fraud department! My job is to prevent Fraud and spot Risky accounts.
    Your company makes me sick. I got my account blocked because I used my credit card with my brother's PayPal account so he could make a purchase. The fact is that because PayPal isn't a bank per say, they can get away with all sorts of crap, like freezing somebody's account that contains funds (thank heavens I had no funds in my account that the time mine got frozen!).

    The UK should get the FSA to put PayPal UK on a tight leash and get those twerps from "fraud dept" to stop acting like cowboys.

    I stick with Moneybookers. They're regulated by the FSA and don't give me 1/2 the shit I used to get from PayPal.

    I hope PayPal burn to the ground. And if we're lucky, with the entire "fraud dep" inside the building

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    Default Whatever....

    Quote Originally Posted by hudajuda View Post
    I work in the Fraud department! My job is to prevent Fraud and spot Risky accounts.
    The accounts that we label Risk are not based on how long you have been in business. It is based on how you conduct your business, what you sell and the feedback/reviews you receive.

    Your anger towards me is misguided and should be directed towards the person you left in charge of running your business, in an unsatisfactory way for us to want to continue our relationship due to the high Risk.
    Fraud department... what a joke.

    I produce a video game blog and get sent products from manufacturers all over the world. I'm not given money for expenses, so once I'm done reviewing a product - or if I get duplicates - I list them for sale to fund other areas of need (equipment, services, etc.).

    Paypal revoked my account because I couldn't provide receipts for the games I was selling. This despite 100 percent feedback with a 5.0 average customer satisfaction across the board...

    I explained why I couldn't provide receipts and paypal still wouldn't bend. I suppose they reasoned I was knocking off shipments of video games, taking only one specific game at a time, and then hawking them on ebay.

    So I don't want to hear this crap that these decisions are made based on reviews and feedback, because that is simply not the truth.

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    How dare you come on here and say what you say, i was made redundant 4 years ago and opened up my own website selling aftershaves and perfumes, i get my supply from a uk supplier, I sold relatively well over christmas last year and paypal rang me up stating that why was i making so many withdrawals from my account, what business is it of paypal what i do with my money, as long as the buyers are getting their items and leaving me positive feedback what business is it of paypals to ask me why i am withdrawing my money, it is my money i will do with it what i like, then they put the 21 day hold on to my payments stating that they wanted to have some id, i sent in id and my account was restored, after 2 days as i was continuously selling the 21 day hold was put on again, i still did not complain and just waited for buyers to leave their feedback, then on 15th december 2011 you limited my account asking me again for documents, i happily provided them to you even though i had provided them before and then was told on the 17th dec that my paypal appeal had been denied and my ebay account had been suspended, plus to really dig the knife in you sent out emails to all my buyers stating that i was a fraudulent seller and that the item i had sent out was fake, how dare you do that, you dont even know me and that is dafamation of character, if newspapers say something out of turn about celebrities then the get sued, thaat is clear defamation of character, because of these emails being sent out 40 buyers opened up disputes and i had to refund about 1000 in sales, even though they had received the item and had left positive feedback on ebay, i rang paypal and i got the most rudest of people talking stating we sent out the emails because we can and stated that he did not care that my account was limited and that he did not want my business, what sort of fucked up human beings work at paypal and then on top of that asking me why i had made payments to certain companies and certain individuals, how is that any of your business, your a internet payment company nothing else, i do not understand why you seem to think you are more than what you are, you are destroying peoples lives and holding their money for no reason, i have my account limited at the moment and i cannot have my money 1700 until 15th may 2012, why are so many people taking you to court and winning their cases if you lot are so right, dont worry paypal is on its way out and i would start looking for another job if i were you,
    what is the differences between a brothel and paypal
    absolutely nothing as you get screwed by both and you really pay for the service
    dont fucking come on these sites and preach your shit about paypal, even your own CEO left and went to yahoo because your shit company and he knew you were on your way out so why not get out before that happens hey


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