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QuietOne why don't you just keep quiet. All day long there are people like you are calling with stupid questions and ridiculous demands. As any company we are not in this for charity it may be shocking to you but we are looking to make a profit and that can not be done by allowing all these local yokals operate which ever way they want. We need to protect ourselves as well as our customers. Our customers are what is the most important to us and for them to be able to conduct their business in an quick and safe environment.
hudajuda, dear dear what can i say. i've just read this comment and you are unbelieveable. To call people - YOUR CUSTOMERS "stupid with stupid questions" just shows how "caring" and well trained in customer services you really are, and reflects very badly on paypal. If you had been trained well you would know that no customer is stupid especially the stupid ones, and if you have that opinion of your customers you shoud keep it to yourself! what if these "stupid" people were mentally ill? visually impaired? elderly? young/ new to computers and the internet?? it is your job to guide & help them not ridicule them. the only thing stupid about these people is that they pay your wages and put food on your table. I dont care if you are a 6ft cage fighter i would knock you out if you ever spoke to me like that face to face in a shop for example. "quietone keep quiet" because these big corperations and the pussys representing them are too high & mighty to even listen never mind be compassionate or try to improve things. huda you are a "care rep" not simon cowell, every dog has his day and when paypal collapses and is being fined in the high courts i hope you remember this hudajuda when your working at the checkout tesco and you call a customer stupid and he knocks you the fuck out and a real big corparation like tesco who listens to its customers opinions fires you on the spot