You wanna know why you lost a claim, you don't have proof. you wanna know why you can't get your money? paypal doesn't trust you.

now that the simple part of it is out of the way, I worked for paypal for a while. one of the departments in america. (so many times I heard someone say "thank god")however our department has recently been closed. why? because our numbers werent as good as the one in the Phillipines, even if they do commit fraud to get you off the phone. I was an employee that went out of my way to make customers feel good even in bad situations and paypal snubbed our entire office. That's the badside from the employee side.

as for the customer...we're trained not to feel too bad for the customer. everything that happens is in the terms of service that no-one ever reads. your money is on hold? did you put in any shipping info? were you in a situation where you had no holds, but quit putting in that info?

on a claim, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING before a sale.(and don't bother claiming a vehicle or land, or something that's nontangible.) take pictures and get shipping insurance. I told that to my customers, I can't speak for other agents. Paypal doesn't use scripts for the most part, so everything you hear is from THAT agent.

But the call I hate the most, and the one we got the most. Our security system. If it hits, 90% of the time you're SOL. we run a program to get around it. we're lucky if we get to the point where it asks questions about your history. if you get 1! wrong, it's on to alternate methods that are less likely to work and require more of the customers work.we can't tell oyu that you failed to guess your mothers birthday (we really don't have the answers. just an example) and there IS a time limit. we can't say that so be careful. for the love of god, if we say a street to ask you if you've lived there along with two other streets you have lived on, and you don't remember it, if a question asks about it, you lived there.

there are two other calls that are hard in a different way. those that actually make me feel sorry. a deceased account, and a mentally deficient person. we require information that proves that we can close the account before closing it. asking a grieving wife to provide info hurts. Telling a guy who can't understand why this is happening to him hurts.

No offense, but to be completely honest, almost everytime someone called in to us, They fucked themselves, or another agent (not the company itself) fucked them.

I promise you, when you call an agent, they wish they had a button that said "fix account" but they don't. please be nice to these people, I've seen them cry on sad days and limit accounts due to threats on mean days.but if it's the phillipines, fuck those guys. They don't get paid enough to care about your money, so they don't.

long-winded, I know, just some words to a general populace about a history with the company