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Thread: How to contact PayPal?

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    Kate Lennon Guest

    Default How to contact PayPal?

    PayPal froze my account (which has $500) almost seven months ago (for no reason). They told me then that I would be able to transfer this money to my bank account after 180 days. It is now almost 200 days, and my account is still frozen. When I try to use their contact form (ie, when I login to my account and click "contact us"), I am taken to a page which says "Help information isn't available in English yet".
    I can't find any email addresses or phone numbers anywhere on their website.
    Can anyone here tell me how to contact PayPal - either an email address or, preferably a phone number - where I can contact them and demand the release of my money (which I need for Xmas)?

    And yes, to anyone thinking of using PayPal, my advice is to avoid them like the plague. They're rip-off artists.

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    Jafo69 Guest

    Default Here is a number

    1-402-935-2050. What country are you in? I called them for my problem and it was a joke. No help at all.

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    Default Customer service

    Paypal customer service really is a joke. I've never seen someone post about a good experience with them.

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    good luck chuck getting ahold of anyone who has a coherent thought at that company

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    Yes you can call PayPal at 402-935-2050 BUT be ready to give life history etc. Also be aware that it is best to call them from your telephone, not a work phone or friend phone etc...If you don't call from your phone you need to have your webpin # it is a long automated telephone system before you get a live might think you will receive help after making it through all the automated prompts but keep on wishing! Its only just begun. And they have already froze your account....there is basically no redemption. You may get your funds time...a very long time. Don't hold your breath for release by Christmas even though you have already exceeded the typical 180 day timeline they throw out there. You are not alone in this mess...sadly enough I am one of many too. Venting is somewhat therapeutic but I can't wait until I can scream to the world that PayPal FINALLY gave me my money!

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    if you like i can personally deliever your complaint, attach it to a brick and throw it in their office window, im very close to their midwestern office, so let me know and ill deliver the message personally.


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