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Thread: Anyone tried to make a purchase thru Money bookers via Ebay?

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    Default Anyone tried to make a purchase thru Money bookers via Ebay?

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there that has similar problems with making a purchase thru moneybookers/skrill that I have just experienced?

    Synopsis: I committed to make a purchase of an item on Ebay which was a no bid "buy it now" item. The seller only accepted payment through Moneybookers, which I was a little wary about, but decided to explore the option to see where it went. I tried to make the payment and it was kicked back stating unsufficient funds. I contacted my CC company and rectified the situation & then tried to make payment again. Thas's when the real nightmare started. I put all the proper info on the online form & there was no button to click to make payment. So backstepping & checking I found out that once you entered the info it was supposed to go in instantly & automatically.

    Next, I checked my CC company to see if the charge was made. Nothing, my debit was zero balance. So I called Moneybookers toll free # to check to see if it went through. He didn't exactly say that it did but he told me that I had to contact the seller to see when he would accept my payment.
    I told him if he was a merchant with an ad on Ebay then by description he must be accepting payment ( through his terms) on Ebay or why would he even place an ad? I had already tried to contact the seller prior, calling two days before and still have yet to get a response. I tried again anyways.
    Still waiting for a response. This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had for making online purchases to date.
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    after reading about your experience with moneybookers I will absolutely not use them to replace paypal. It sounds like it would just be replacing one problem with another

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    which one of these bloodsuckers isnt a problem, right? LOL

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    I don't know much about money bookers to give you an honest solution to your issue. I had reviewed their website though, not so sure that they are any better than using the paypal in which I will not use again! However, there is a money bookers forum where you might find some tricks and trades in working with them. Good luck. Seems like a bit of a hassle but maybe it can be remedied without the headaches that paypal is so famous for.


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