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Thread: Paypal processing volume up 511% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Paypal processing volume up 511% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just read this online on

    "Black Friday has been an enormous success for eBay, across all of its channels. Global payment volume processed through PayPal this Thanksgiving rose 511% over last year. Let us repeat that. 511%. That is a huge increase, and bodes well for eBay's prospects this quarter. Despite its name, the eBay auction website itself contributes less and less of eBay's overall profit."

    We have to end the madness of this company that will not even give the money to it's rightful owners.

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    i not know who all people are using paypal. why so many use paypal? paypal take my money for 180 days and tell me I wait for my money. I only imagen how many people not get their money now and have to wait like me.

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    They got my money too 90 days and counting! How can they operate this way?!? I am betting that many more just got their account froze due to sales volumn over the holiday weekend. God forbid a seller make an increase in sales...if so, it gets froze until Paypal decides they can release funds to rightful owner...AFTER they roll their accounts with our cash. I have no idea when I will get my money and waiting doesn't seem fair but paybal and ebay simply DO NOT CARE.

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    Well they take your money and use it, to purchase new Turbins for their rag heads over in India, they gotta give them something special for xmas from their corp account.

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    511% WOW that is staggering.

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    Looks like they are showing us...511% increase! Don't ya all love how they appreciate the folks that are growing their money making business for them?!
    You would think some incentives to hold on to people with good record, stable, etc would be given to keep the good...but only week out the bad. Somehow their system is a little skrewy and the good, the bad and the ugly get hosed while they grow...


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