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Thread: A PayPal Christmas Part 1

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    I love it.I think it fits PayPal to the tee The thieves deserve to be exposed. Bunch of thieves. BASTARDS!

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    ha ha thats awesome video. I'm surprised the guy in the cartoon actually got someone to talk too.

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    I loved the video. Very nice. Is there a class action lawsuit against
    paypal yet?

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    The video is great. The best kind of all. Funny and true. Before now, I never knew what it was like at the seller end. I am not a permanent full time seller. I only had a couple of dozen items to sell. Wouldn't want to this as a full time gig. Just this very limited experience has been a continuous, aggravating, fist clenching, expletive inducing nightmare.

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    I love the video AMEN! Hey can I get the embed code somehow so I can add it to the front page of my web page? Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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    PayPal sucks... and they are totally blind..actually they rob us all blind!

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    excellent presentation of how PayPal operates..very disturbing

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    OMG that video hit it all! I totally relate! LMAO at the video but TOTALLY SUCKS when this shit is HAPPENING to you!

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    Default I loved it. Made me feel better.

    This totally made me forget how bad eBay and PayPal make me feel. I absolutely loved it. Before anyone tells me to just stop using something that makes me feel bad... Trust me I'm trying to wing myself. But for now I'm still using both, i have to finish moving all my older inventory and the other sites out there just aren't making that happen. But i do believe i want need them in my life much longer.
    I mean come on when did it become OK for them to make more profit than me? Its crazy what we have allowed them to do right up under our noses.

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    If your needing help to expose them a bit more, right now im in a dispute with ebay, over an account from 2010 that was put in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, im gonna give the a chance after that im going to sue the company ebay and paypal, i do not own them money legally this was unsecured debt, paypal got the hit when i threatened to sue they quickly unlimited the account if ebay does not get the hint ill just sue for fucking with me. im done with both anyways all my xmas shopping is being done on amazon this year so screw both sites.


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