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Thread: A PayPal Christmas Part 1

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    Exclamation A PayPal Christmas Part 1

    Hey Everyone!

    As you may or may not know, one of our Network Members sent us an email a few days ago, complaining about PayPal.

    They apparently got so angry, that they had a cartoon made to express their disgust with PayPal.

    When we received this, we were blown away! We had received a few "still cartoons" in the past. But this is the first fully animated cartoon we had ever seen!

    At the request of the person who sent us this cartoon, we are gladly sharing it with our visitors. This person even went so far as to promote our website on the bottom of the screen for the entire length of the cartoon.

    We Love This Person!

    DISCLAIMER: IT IS FUNNY. However, parts of it can be offensive to certain people. It is an obvious parody. We are not endorsing this video, we are simply sharing it with our visitors. We do not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 to view this.

    With that stated, please share your comments on this cartoon!

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    You can view the cartoon [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

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    Launch it to all you can.

    Since Paypal is the main payment system for ebay maybe if ebay was
    boycotted then Paypal might sit up and listen?
    Avoid Ebay and starve Paypal of funds then see how they grovel!
    Remove its teeth and it can't bite it JUST SUCKS.

    PS: Since the word Pal is derived from a Romany word dating back to
    the 17th Century I can only assume they are still in the dark ages!

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    It's spot on! I didn't know they had a wheel, but I don't doubt it! lol

    I'll definitely share the video.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Generally, I liked it very much. The CEO scene is a little over the top and borderline offensive (not to me, but perhaps to others). I loved the monkeys scene. Good luck and thanks for a valuable service.

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    Hehe. That was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

    I definitely think its worthy of being promoted. It pretty much sums up how they do business. I just can only imagine though what the person who made it went through! At the end when it said "thanks for ruining xmas paypal"...gosh, I cringed!

    Well thanks for sharing! it was great.
    Have a great day mister admin, or evening.

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    Excellent! I always thought they had a wheel!


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    Indeed! I've forwarded it to all my friends and associates. I'm currently filled with the regret of having promoted Paypal wholeheartedly for lo these many years. Hopefully my demoting will be at least as effective!

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    To whom it may concern......
    pertaining to the cartoon you were speaking about....I watched it and thought that it was quite accurate. I was amazed on the responses on the wheel that the representative was told to spin for excuses. My excuse that they used on me WAS on that wheel. Unbelieveable..!!
    I am convinced that Paypal does indeed Suck..!! I am even more surprised that my attornies office doesn't accecp my check or cash. They only recieve funds on paypal. What am I to do..? Obviously I'm going to have to work something out with my attorney...but in the mean while I am very much dismayed on the treatment that Paypal has inflicted on me and my time of need.

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    it is well worth of being promoted all over your network. Paypal is supposed to protect good clients, and take more charge over the sams and fraudulent clients,I am definetely never ever keep or make payments with paypal credit allways will put the funds in the checking account and allways pay with my credit card that has more power and protects its clients.


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