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Thread: Got scammed for $5,000 and now liable for it with Paypal. Need HELP.

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    Thanks for letting me know guys, I honestly felt that due to not being protective in services in the duration of transfers and not verifying whether or not suppliers are legitimate suppliers, this contradicts with their publicly stated slogan about providing services "with protection." Prior to any transaction, I believe it is their liability to verify the company before continuing any transactions that values over $1,000 usd. To think about it, it would seem necessary and proper right? I think I would use the above terms as to my claim in defense if ever brought to court. Well hopefully nothing happens, if it does, it happens and we shall fight to ends meet, lol. If this happens to anyone else, or anything alike this, maybe conspire to a class action lawsuit? Your post relieved me a lot Batman hehe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    I just read your story abdullatokhie25 and I really hope things work out for you and that you will say good buy to paypal forever. If you're still going to need to process credit cards I would like to recommend a service that I use and have had no problems with what so ever and had you used them for the deal you had with Alibaba this would have never happened. I signed up with Not sure that it is something that would suit your needs but I am truly happy with it.

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    If i was you don't give them any personal info and go tell them to fck themselves.

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    I haven't, I only have sent them an e-mail regarding an attempt to talk things out, and they have the audacity to send a ridiculous automated response, if their business cared about customers, they would have sent a genuine response concerning the matter and work it out. That should be another claim, if this happens to go to court, but I'm hoping it doesn't and some what doubt it now being it has been some months passed. But I agree with you, lol.

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    pinoyGUY2012 Guest

    Default I got scammed too about $ 3,500

    abdullatokhie25 I really understand what you feel at that moment, it's just happened to me this month (Mar 2012). What should I do? I already sent an e-mail to paypal regarding the scam. I'm from Philippines though.


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