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    I have spent over two hours on the phone this week alone with paypal trying to resolve a simple issue regarding the hold they placed on my account. This is the worst kind of monopoly in existence! Non existent customer service, by far the worst company to deal with.

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    your preaching to the choir! I just LOVE IT when they send me from ext. to ext. on hold for hours on end only to get hung up on by some pin-head in India..

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    I actually got through to someone once by calling first thing in the morning, not that they were terribly helpful but at least getting through is better than nothing.

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    I find that calling them just creates more problems and headaches than there was before I started fighting my way through their automated phone maze.

    I have had better luck with e-mails and going through their website but that is not to say that I have gotten the help I needed and was looking for.

    It is an all over bad company to be dealing with from every aspect not just customer service.

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    I gave up on finding resolution to my issue through the incompetent customer service reps paypal pays peanuts for. Thankfully they (paypal) don't have me by a rope as I am a wronged buyer and trying to get it straight through paypal was causing more grief so I just cut my losses and now have a buyer beware approach. Hopefully you get things worked out and account taken off hold sooner rather than later, sadly though the chances of that happening anytime soon may be slim
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    Yeah, the only way I have found to effectively deal with the PayPal employees is to get their names and employee ID #'s, and then discuss my issue with them.
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