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Thread: Paypal Refund me 70 less than what i send!

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    Default Paypal Refund me 70 less than what i send!


    days ago, i did a personal transfer with my credit card to another paypal account (i send 1600$ canadian dollars.)
    the person who received it, told me he can't receive payments of credit cards to his personal paypal account, they don't allow him to cash out the money unless he transform his personal account to business, so he clicked "refund" button.

    At my paypal account account i read a full refund of 1600$ but in my credit card (after 4 days) i received 70 less that what i send!!

    i called paypal very angry and they told me "we refund the full amount".
    and now i am going to talk with bank but i am 100% sure they are not going to give me my money back, they will say "thats what they send" or so.

    where is my f*cking money!! i dont know what can i do

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    With paypal math maybe they think they sent the whole amount. Maybe the 70 you did not receive was a processing charge. Paypal does have outrageously high fees. Sorry to hear you are out money but that seems to be the case when using paypal.

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    coco Guest


    i come from talk with the bank
    they said the problem is i send € in dollars
    and then i received the refund from dollars to €
    and looks like they apply different conversion rates, one when selling one currency and another when buying a currency.

    so overall the money i sent just lost value for just one PC click! thats insane, who is the damn bank that process credit cards payments to paypal? i am totally sad and disappointed.
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