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    Default cant find phone number to call

    OK so listen to this. I am not a paypal or ebay user but have been thinking about signing up with them or some similar service. the other day I get this e-mail and I have tried finding a phone number so that I can find out why I received this email. This has been a complete nightmare. I have never ever used paypal before this fiasco. I received an email stating that there had been unauthorized activity on my account. I have never signed up for an account, given them my email or my password. This is driving me nuts. Who are these people? Not a good way to attract new customers

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    You can use either one of the following eBay 800 numbers to contact eBay by phone: 1-800-322-9266 and 1-888-749-3229...but good luck getting thru the automated system! I am afraid that your nightmare may have only just begun. And getting a live person at Pay Pal is a chore in itself. Several numbers listed online, all automated.

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    sounds like someone may be using your info, like opening an account in your name. Hope you get through to someone over there.

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    One can believe that Pay Pal merely made another monstrous mistake and you happen to be the unlucky one on their radar. Since you don't have and never have had an ebay or paypal account, I'd chalk it up to another error on PayPals part. Just be happy they don't actually have your banking information or any way of taking or keeping money from you. I would ignore unless they "hound" you. Good luck getting a live person that will clear you out of their system though. This is just one of the many reasons Pay Pal shuts their own buyers down...information too close or a "match" to someone else????!!! Huh!? Do make sure your identity hasn't been stolen though because that would be bad news.

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    I called the 800-322-9266 but transfered to an automated line for me to contact an online webform then given a long list of instructions. I dont know if anyone actually answers at those numbers


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