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Thread: deluded morons at PP

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    Pay Pal has become WORST. Customer Service is very Rude, Spoke to Hector in Customer Service he can not explain anything about your account, asked for supervisor he says there is no Supervisor and continued to Refuse to give the call to Supervisor. So many people are have alot of problems with Pay Pal. Customer servce of Pay Pal are not trained correctly, handle your call Very Rude and don't have the answers to questions you ask, and then refuse to give you a supervisor. Customer service is a joke-reps reading from a script, bad english like saying "you have been a customer for jears"
    their service is beyond bad. Website where the 'contact us' doesnt even respond (two different computers and browsers), then call them only to be put in a loop because my phone number was not 'correct', even though reflected in the profile properly. Wow, bad bad news...
    Paypal and "customer service" are on very distant ends of the spectrum from each other.
    When you sign into Paypal lately, a screen comes up that says:

    "PayPal. The world's most-loved way to pay and get paid."

    Most loved? Most loved? I laughed mighty hard when I read that! Oh my God, could these criminal morons be more deluded? They're as clueless as their owner, ebay.

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    PAY PAL IS the WORST! No such thing as customer service, their people do NOTHING but add to the headache Pay Pal has already given you thanks to their screwed up system...making up rules as they go. Hey if it works for them why not?! Put some idiots on the telephone at minimum wage and let them field complaints and heartaches all day and not give a damn. I can't tell you how many times my call was "DROPPED" after over 10 minutes of holding. Swear they are giving me gray hair....I only want MY MONEY back ...didn't think that was too much to ask for! Most loved MY ASS!

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    Let's just face it, their customer service is bad. Seldom if ever do you get a resolution. With paypal it appears that you just have to sit back and wait until they feel like looking into your issue. But them looking in to your problem often results in more problems.

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    it seems to me that you are a bunch of morons. do you really think paypal is working against you? without paypal users there would not be any paypal so paypal is working their hardest to please everyone and have everyone up and running to be able to process payments. That is how paypal makes money. So the onlything you got going against you is your own stupidity.

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    I blieve you, looser69 are a pot trying to call a kettle black! You really need to step back and stop taunting people who have been shut down, froze, or robbed by PP. We are NOT stupid morons and we are NOT in junior high school where name calling and taunting runs rampet. I suggest you grow up and offer helpful hints you might have or go back to junior high where your actions would fit it fine. (except that you would get turned in for bully behavior)


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