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Thread: Etsy, Ubid, Ebid, WebStore Any good?

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    Default Etsy, Ubid, Ebid, WebStore Any good?

    I know eBay is the big name as far as online auction sites but I don;t like the way they control your every move like they are your parents.
    What about other online auction sites like etsy, ubid, ebid and web store? I would like to hear from people using these sites. I want the good, the bad and the ugly on them.

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    I myself have never tried any of those auction websites but found this site that reviewed a bunch of them and what they offer;

    [url=]Online Auction Sites Review 2012 - TopTenREVIEWS[/url]

    If I were you I would make sure that the the auction site you sign up with will allow you to use a real merchant (Like MerchantInc) account instead of a paypal account.

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    I have tried its a waste of time.

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    Default very unfortunate....

    but all the other sites seem to be a waste of time and effort

    none has even a fraction of the traffic that ebay got.

    the sellers on those sites are the ones that gotten kicked out of ebay or simply left because of ebays and paypals crappy service and fraudulent activities.

    however, trying to make a full time living on any one of the other sites is indeed impossible.

    the majority of online buyers don't know about those sites or don't care.

    ebay is a buyers dream and a sellers nightmare.

    funny thing is that you can actually buy a lot of stuff that is offered on ebay for less money some other places , but again, ebay "trained" their buyers well.

    the most simple way to look at it is this one :

    lots and lots of people get screwed by ebay - mainly sellers.
    everybody screams " to hell with ebay - lets blow them into the atmosphere "

    and then you find lots of sites where you can buy "stealth" accounts. all for sellers who got kicked out and are screaming bloody murder.

    but even most of them are desperate to get back in. why ?

    yes, because if you want to sell online and want to do lots and lots of sales - nowhere else to go to.

    i myself have burned about 10 ebay accounts in the past 10 years or so. sometimes to to my own stupidity, sometimes i lost them for no reason at all.

    once you learn not to put all your eggs in one basket ( meaning having plenty of accounts available that are ready to rock 'n roll ) you are somewhat good to go.

    worst thing is to be happy with your sales, happy with your performance and thinking that it will last forever. it will not.
    so prepare yourself for the wake up call and when it happens switch over and continue. read and learn how to do it properly and you will be okay - at least to an acceptable level.

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    Fred Zeppelin Guest


    ECRATER IS THE BEST!!! I LOVE IT!! It's free!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Zeppelin View Post
    ECRATER IS THE BEST!!! I LOVE IT!! It's free!!!!!
    I have heard mixed reviews about ecrater. Unlike ebay it seems to be more focused on protecting their sellers then buyers. And that it can be hard to get a hold of any kind of support personnel.

    Do you know if they accept merchant accounts instead of paypal/google checkout? I will never go back to using paypal and google check out is just the same as paypal. So I have my own merchant account through merchantinc with a payment gateway. I can use it o sel on ebay but I am looking to get away from the evil twin pf paypal.

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    root Guest


    Ubid is absolutely horrific. I have had items listed there for three years, and every sale was bunk, NBD. Ebid is horrid as well, and is like the Fourth Reich. I have found several payment types that are newer that work for me. I have my own merchant account with a physical card reader attached to my phone, works with android and iphone app, to swipe physical cards and if its an online sale, I will call the person up and take their card over the phone. They talk to a real person, like they would ordering a pizza with a credit card, I key in their card number and the company sends a receipt to their email with my exact location where the transaction was done. Company just got a big venture $$ from their parent company, so things are looking huge, its called Square Up, check it out.

    Also a heavy, but little known alternative to Paypal, which I use as my ONLY online payment method, save MoneyBookers, (which I only use when I do not need the cash fast, as I have a 40 day hold period on that service), is American Express online payments, called SERVE. Its owned wholly subsidiary of American Express Corporation and works just like Paypal. I have my own ATM card through them I can use to get my payments via an ATM or it works anywhere American Express is accepted. Sign up at [url=]Serve | Home[/url]

    Let me know how anyone makes out with those two if you choose to use them.

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    ebid was a good company when they first came out now it seems like a dead end


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