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Thread: How to spot a possible scammer

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    Exclamation How to spot a possible scammer


    I am Tired of Getting Constantly Ripped Off On These Boards. So in my personal opinion, here is a Basic Rule Of Thumb to Buy Safely in these forum:

    People, do research before jumping in with both feet! Let others know right away if your were scammed. The scammers prey on you to keep quiet so they can continue to rip others off!

    Anyone listing accounts on other then the Verified Sellers Section, Beware! Anyone can make up a fake name and continually resell over and over, using different names (aka All Philippine Sellers)! The Verified Sellers Section is your best bet, but is Not Guaranteed.

    1 - Look to see how long they have been been selling accounts;
    2 - Look to see if they have any Positive Feedbacks;
    3 - Never send a payment more then what you can afford to lose.

    Anyone that has a Payment Method of PayPal, Amazon, or Moneypak, are your Best Bet Not To Get Ripped Off!

    Remember, sometimes it does take the legit verified sellers time to process your order. Remember, they need time to get the phone number, cc, and then transfer money and all of that. If anyone expects accounts the next day, get real. Give them time. Stop and see how long it takes you to open a verified account up. It doesn't happen overnight...


    Any Seller That Accepts A Payment Method You Never Heard of Before in the USA is (99.999999%) A Scammer:

    Western Union
    Bank Transfer

    They have no concept into how the USA buyers send their money. Outside USA, all they know is what they can get their hands on like Western Union, Moneygram, etc... So that is your very first tipoff...

    Anyone Selling from the Philippines IS A 99.99999% Scammer - Period! They have a office that constantly opens new names and accounts on these boards over and over. So remember, look for how long they have been selling honestly. You will not find a single one more then a week or so opened...

    On these boards, Philippine sellers have the longest history of being the major rip off's on these forums! Hate to say it, but I have never encountered a single honest seller from there! If you buy from them, do not expect anything they promise!

    If you get ripped off on these boards, Post It Right Away in the Thread and Scammers Forum! If you don't, they'll continue to rip more people off. They prey on buyers here to keep quiet so their scam can continue on the boards! Do Not Be Silent. No one knows who you are except the Scammers!

    If you are thinking about buying, give it some time and monitor them. Honest sellers will get more feedback over time and will not disappear. If you are the first to buy an account on a new posting, chances are you'll be the first one to get ripped off. But give it time and only buy one to start. If they deliver, buy slow and don't go for the grand slam right away (unless your willing to part with your money).

    Here's another little bit you can do... If you ware one of the first to buy from a newbie posting, reply on the thread that you just bought one and keep everyone else updated. Add like will keep you posted if I get it or not. This way, everyone behind you will read it and check with you... Just a thought...

    Follow these little rules of thumbs and you should be fine. Not guaranteed fool proof, but reduces your chances...

    Maybe PPS should only let accounts 30 days old post on threads. This way, they are not doing it in seconds....

    PM message me if you like! Hope my information helps keep you with your hard earned money!

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    If you are suspicious of a user here on the forums... Let me know, and I can check them out.

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    Its very good advice , thanks for both of You looking out for us .

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    Are you for real?! If so, this is "possible" good news for many that have been scammed if you actually check things out, follow up, etc to ensure speedy recovery to the people scammed. Can you do some training for the PayPal customer service side of the house so that they can be more helpful and actually DO something to move issues along? I hate to be skeptical but PayPal has given me a skeptical eye.


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