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Thread: How to spot a scammer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dealer79 View Post
    You definitely have been scammed by this guy,because i know Lakeman from another forum and when he appeared here i tought it was him,than real lakeman has informed me that this guy is using his name,this account you have paid him is one of my 3 i have sold here 1 month ago,and the guy contacted me exactely with that email:doughboy_killer!Real Lakeman is a great guy with hundreds of satisfied custommers!If you want i can show you,just PM me.
    BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT BUY FROM THIS SELLER !!!!!!!!!!

    last time he told me "i am just awaiting the VBAs and after sending the 2 small deposits it will be done,just a couple of days"

    now he told me "your payment was hold by pp" and not reply my PM

    email : [email][/email]

    Paypal address : [email][/email]
    Name : Henry Henson

    and Lakeman keep deleting negative post from his Thread
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    backman doesnt sound like a native speaker. The way they talk, I know some from indonesia and they have a strange way when they write. Make certain mistakes that native speakers dont seem to do.

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