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Thread: Please help. Advice needed

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    Unhappy Please help. Advice needed

    I awoke one morning recently to find that instead of having 50 pounds in my paypal account i now had -228 negative balance, There is no reason for this as a was not buying or selling anything, the only thing i had done was deposit money into my paddypower online betting account, there is no reason for this to have happened as far as i can see and now every day im receiving letters from my bank saying how paypal is attempting to take the money but i have insufficient funds, i dont understand what happened at all and am beginning to get worried can someone please help?

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    PayPal does not magic these charges out of thin air. Although it might appear so.
    This gambling site may have charged you for something, hence the negative balance.
    Phone PayPal ask them what's going on, if they tell you that you've been charged from DaddyPower then talk to them. Ask to see if they can wave it or report an error to them.
    I've never heard of this before. But you'll need to take control of the situation.
    You now are in debt to PayPal, which means they can send debt collectors to your home or take you to court. You don't want that, 288.00 can easily turn into 2,880.00 after PayPal add interest, debt collectors charge you and then the courts.

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    The gambling site has not charged me for anything, from reading through the logs it appears that i was debited for failed bank transfers? impossible as i dont have an overdraft nor does paypal loan money. I have no idea whats going on but i cant see this ending well

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    Close all bank accounts you have linked to your paypal account. If they take money out of your account for no reason now what's to stop them from doing it again??? THe only way to stop the madness is to close any bank account you have linked to your paypal account. Protect yourself from Paypal!!!!


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