this person try to sell me accoutn that wasnt there i spoke to the owner

Claide Garcia: k
dondapper77: how do i knwo that account is yr there still loads of stuff listed
dondapper77: yrs for sale
Claide Garcia: silly i will deleted all the lsited stuff frst
dondapper77: why would u dlete it now then to prove it yrs ?
Claide Garcia: what do you want?
dondapper77: well if u delete some item i knwo it yr then wont i
Claide Garcia: what do you want to know?
dondapper77: well u jsut said yr delete the stuff off, im saying ok delte some stuff off
dondapper77: then i know u have access to that account
dondapper77: that not yr account at all
dondapper77: i will expose u on the forum now
dondapper77: i jsut spoke to the owner of that account
Claide Garcia is typing...
Claide Garcia: prove what you saying AS
dondapper77: u jsut picked some random account
dondapper77: ok i will
dondapper77: [url=]Dizzy Bees & The Bead Fairy Beads Jewellery Making Supplies Children?s Parties Workshops[/url]
dondapper77: there phone number is on there
dondapper77: yr a bad man con
dondapper77: lucky im C.I.D
dondapper77: wat u got to say for yr self
dondapper77: wat u got to say before i write in teh forum
dondapper77: well