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    Default beware littleangle18

    this person try to sell me accoutn that wasnt there i spoke to the owner

    Claide Garcia: k
    dondapper77: how do i knwo that account is yr there still loads of stuff listed
    dondapper77: yrs for sale
    Claide Garcia: silly i will deleted all the lsited stuff frst
    dondapper77: why would u dlete it now then to prove it yrs ?
    Claide Garcia: what do you want?
    dondapper77: well if u delete some item i knwo it yr then wont i
    Claide Garcia: what do you want to know?
    dondapper77: well u jsut said yr delete the stuff off, im saying ok delte some stuff off
    dondapper77: then i know u have access to that account
    dondapper77: that not yr account at all
    dondapper77: i will expose u on the forum now
    dondapper77: i jsut spoke to the owner of that account
    Claide Garcia is typing...
    Claide Garcia: prove what you saying AS
    dondapper77: u jsut picked some random account
    dondapper77: ok i will
    dondapper77: [url=]Dizzy Bees & The Bead Fairy Beads Jewellery Making Supplies Children?s Parties Workshops[/url]
    dondapper77: there phone number is on there
    dondapper77: yr a bad man con
    dondapper77: lucky im C.I.D
    dondapper77: wat u got to say for yr self
    dondapper77: wat u got to say before i write in teh forum
    dondapper77: well

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    Exclamation YES - Littleangel18 is a SCAMMER!

    I was also Scammed by Littleangel18.

    I bought 5 accounts from this deadbeat. The second after I paid for them, he claimed that his computer just died and he needed more money from me to get is hard drive fixed. He asked atleast 10 times. Then claims that the accounts are on it so he can't give them to me until it gets cleaned and fixed. I then asked him if he replaces or cleans the drive, how can you get the accounts? Never heard from him since because I caught him in a lie...

    It has been 3 days and they refuse to contact me. And when I posted on the boards that he was a scammer on the Verified Sellers Forum, within minutes, he replied and tried to say that I was just another nigerian scammer. I am a proud American, and a Middle East War Vet.

    Here is his info:

    PHONE: 09333660036 or 639333660036 or 639175635959

    Scammers PayPal email address: [email][/email]

    Stay completely away from all Philippines Sellers on these boards. He goes by many different names on PPS and mad because I exposed him on his thread...

    But yes - he is a 100% SCAM!


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