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    How do PayPal workers sleep at night? They took all the money we made for our charity organization and 4 years later we still dont have it back. Will we ever get it, I am very doubtful. One thing I do know is I will never ever use paypal again.

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    I am frustrated beyond belief with paypal. They took money out of my checking account, causing it to overdraft, and when I call to straighten it out with them somehow I am the "bad guy" and I get no help at all.

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    How about we here from some ex employees that can explain to us how they could live with hem self while working for paypal and stealing peoples hard earned money that alot of times were for basic things like food, rent, clothing etc

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    What?! 4 years! I am relatively new to PayPal and I guess I am one of the lucky ones that hasnít had issues with them holding my money or freezing account yet. As my business grows I worry that I might have trouble. It seems like too much trouble to set up an account with somebody else though. The more I read the more nervous I get about pushing my luck with PayPal.


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