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Thread: Get a Good Reputation on Ebay use my Feedback Service!

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    Nicolas Guest

    Cool Get a Good Reputation on Ebay use my Feedback Service!

    hey all, thaks to come...

    in here i want to sell some service...
    have you given a negative feedback by your seller?
    are you not a 100% power seller?
    do you want to increase your Positive feedback for cheap price and easy way?

    if yes, then i got that all you want...

    in here i want to sell my service about Ebay Positive feedback...
    i will give your Ebay Seller id some positive feedback by buying your stuff that you sell on , but you don't need to ship it to my address, because i just want to give you a positive feedback...
    i use many account from many country like usa, canada, Uk, germany, italy, singapore, etc.

    1 single Ebay buyer account can give you many positive feedback buy buying from the different list that you make on so i will tell you how it work:

    i sell 25 feedback for $15.50 using 1 single account to give you a the 25 positive feedback, but do had to have 25 list of selling some stuff too...
    if you want me to use many account, the price is different, $7.5 for 1 feedback positive for 1 selling list... so if i have 5 account that it will give you 5 positive feedback too, 1 feedback from 1 ebay account...

    i using a ebay buyer account that have feedback on that account, so it's safe and easy to use my service and to get positive feedback...

    i accept payment using Paypal (but now my Paypal is limited) or Liberty Reserve...

    if you have any question, please:

    let's be the Ebay's Power seller !!!
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    Nicolas Guest


    just got a new pending order of 100 ositive feedback... who else?

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    Nicolas Guest


    common everyone, just online aganin.. thanks..

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    Oct 2011


    a load of bollocks

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    lagathy Guest


    is this a load of bollox??:P

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