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Thread: Verified PayPal and eBay Seller Accounts for Sale! Best Prices and Fastest Delivery!

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    Dissapointed Guest


    i am interested in buying an account, i just basically want to sell on ebay without limitations.

    Can you send me a pm?

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    adsysbd Guest

    Default Happy

    Service is best. I am happy for your service.

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    xionz802 Guest


    I paid last February 1 for Triple Verified and "VPS" until now still waiting for my account..

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    Dec 2011


    Just received new ebay and paypal + vps account, thanks TIM!!!
    Let the selling begin.

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    Default PM

    Hello. I just PM you about my PP being limited the first time I logged in. I do not use Amazon VPS for my store I bought.

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    jonny Guest

    Default PAID almost a MONTH ago !

    Everything is set! Got mine yesterday! right now awaiting on further instructions !

    Still took a while, but Thanks anyway..
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    Dear Lauris,

    I just sent the account and VPS.

    Dear Quietone,

    I'm looking into the issue. If you don't log in using the VPS, limitations can and will happen if you're not on a safe IP.

    Dear Xion,

    Your order is next is queue. It will be sent within the next couple of hours.

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    Cool Suspended

    Quote Originally Posted by PayPalEbayVendor View Post
    Dear John,

    I just sent you another account, this time I'm positive it's a store account and I'm 100% confident that there is everything attached, including a verified PayPal account. I included some information on how to use the VPS which I included for free to log into your eBay and PayPal account; if you need more instructions I can help you personally on AIM or Skype: myecommerceguru. I read your comments on the forums and I admit that I do not have a perfect system. However, I do have every honest intention of running good business on these forums. If it makes you feel better, I have not taken any orders for the past two weeks and made it a priority to fulfill existing orders. Please check the account that I sent to you to verify; I would also appreciate it if you can remove your negative remarks.

    Hey Tim. I just sent you a PM. The replacement store you sent on 16 Jan was suspended by ebay on the 19th. Not one time did I log into ebay during that time. I'd appreciate a actual working store, without PP limits or getting ebay suspended. 3rd time a charm? Once I get a account up and running properly, I will gladly take down any neg comments.

    Also, assigning me only 1 way to log in and use this account does not seem right. I did not know that any account I buy from you, that I (or anyone) is required to 100% rely solely on you and your link for the llife of the account. At anytime, you can cut me off from this account with this Amazonaws VPS you are linking... ? Thanks for a fast fix... Johnn
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    xionz802 Guest


    Today is my 8th day of waiting. No PayPal account given yet.

    I am unable to post new replies, but I just got the VPS yesterday, and everything's working so far. Will try to make a purchase later using the PayPal account issued.
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    Everybody that put in an order, please don't worry. I'm completing orders as we speak. It's been taking a longer than expected because I recently switched to a stronger VBA as the existing one was giving troubles with eBay. This means that you'll be receiving a stronger product.

    I'm requesting some members to post as they begin to receive their accounts.

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