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Everybody that put in an order, please don't worry. I'm completing orders as we speak. It's been taking a longer than expected because I recently switched to a stronger VBA as the existing one was giving troubles with eBay. This means that you'll be receiving a stronger product.

I'm requesting some members to post as they begin to receive their accounts.

i just received mine from Tim, it took a little longer than i had originally expected but i expect he enjoys the Superbowl too! personally i think its better to wait, be patient and let him get it right first time than have to go through the same process over and over with shoddy preparation. i trusted this guy and he came through. lets give him a break fellas, i opened a paypal account for my wife recently and it took the best part of 10 days from application to cc verified. truth is, even though it was a legitimate account, it was nerve racking trying to avoid a link with my closed paypal account and was not easy to do. that's why i came to Tim for mine.
be patient guys, he will get there.......