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Thread: Want to close my acount, but it's limited

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    anywho, i opened a Paypal account and missed the fact that i they charge my credit card to see if it's mine, totally my fault and i get my small amount of money back.


    For some reason my account has become limited and i can't close it, first i only had to verify my credit card that also was in the process of getting my money back, but now they say that they want my monthly statement for the credit card and also copy of an identification "driver license, passport".


    no way am i going to send in all that to close the god damn account with an balance of 15 SEK, about 2$.

    Luckily i use an electronic VISA that let's me create and delete credit cards at will, but i don't want to leave any loose ends, especially loose ends that can be used for fraud and scamming which i will be held responsible for.

    I'm gonna contact them and I'm wondering if i can say something that makes them legally bound to close my account?

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    Default Paypal won't let you.

    They won't let you cancel an account that is limited until the limitation has been removed.

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    Like the previous post said there is not much you can do until the limitation has been removed. As soon as the do remove them cancel any credit cards and bank accounts you have associated with your paypal account. You can stop using your paypal account and "close" it but they will keep ALL your information on file forever. So there is no such thing as deleting an account.


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