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Thread: 100% feedback on ebay

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    Unhappy 100% feedback on ebay

    i have just started to ebay & discovered that this feedback is all lovey dovey' as everyone wants 100%. I am STILL waiting for someone to collect an item who could not orgainse licking a stamp, let alone pick up on time, let me know they are sending someone else PLUS loads more............ so do i give them 100% feedback so they give me 100% feedback - is that how it works?!?!?!

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    Its not required to leave your customer feedback in order to recieve feedback yourself.

    But its strongly recommended since it encourages the buyer to leave you feedback

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    It's tricky, I've left customer's bad feedback and they get offended and smack you back with the same, then you run the risk of pissing off the Ebay/Paypal Gods with negative feedback...


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