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Thread: 890 100% Positive FB 9 Year Old Account FS + domain name!

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    Overrrdose Guest

    Default 890 100% Positive FB 9 Year Old Account FS + domain name!

    I will not give you the account name for security purposes unless you email me.

    It comes with a free website domain name that I bought
    from someone here locally. I guess it was a shoe site for ebay auctions and sales but I never used it.

    My email is [email][/email]

    I will take offers and the best offer gets it.

    Please don't be IGNORANT and offer $50 then get mad when I say no.

    I was recently scammed here by a "verified" seller so I will only take
    MoneyPak or Cash meet up here in San Jose at a local Starbucks.

    Thank you.

    PS: I will now NOT message people from the account because some idiot used my IP Address to get my information then try and use it to reset my password, it was a hassle to try and regain my account. So please don't try and scam me I'm tired of it. Thank you.

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    Overrrdose Guest


    My email is [email][/email] sorry everyone.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I contacted account holder and he said that he dont sell account, BEWARE he is proffesional SCAMMER

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    is the account still up for sale

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    Please PM me or email me with info and price [email][/email]

    Thank you

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