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Thread: Scammed by Scholars

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    Default Scammed by Scholars

    Beware! This is 100% a SCAM! I paid gbp 150, did not receive any reply. I tried to use another email address to ask about his ebay account for sale. Guess what he reply? "Yeah it still is for sale. The price is 300. Which is around $500. Do u want to buy it?"

    When i open a dispute with paypal, he even replied on the paypal message saying that he already sent me the details and i m trying to cheat him by claim the fund! The fact is, i sent him more than 10 emails after i made payment and not even a single reply from him!

    Do you think everyone will believe the seller or buyer? What are the chances of a seller being scammed by a buyer? Common sense analysis.

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    Default Paypal finds for the buyer

    Of course the chances of a seller being scammed by the buyer are great, but Paypal always finds for the buyer. It's a strange twisted unfair world out there in Paypal land, isn't it?

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    Default Yes it is. . .

    Yes, it is Yessenian. I don't think that it is fair at all.

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    Default evil

    If you ask me, I think EbaY and Paypal are simply breeding grounds for evil people.

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    Wink When the world ends. . .

    When the world ends, at the judgement day, Paypal will stand before God for judgement and sentencing. The gates of heaven and of hell will stand before Paypal, and the final sentence will be not just hell, but the coldest most remote place in hell.

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    Default dramatic???

    A little dramatic on this message board, aren't we? What could be so bad that Paypal has done to you to make them deserve to be flushed down the toilet?

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    Exclamation Littleangel18 is a 100% scammer!

    littleangel18 is a complete scammer! Do not buy from him! He ripped me off of 100's of dollars and another guy too! Please read about him in the verified forum and the scam forums!

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    Default breeding ground

    @ maximillian111

    If you ask me, I think EbaY and Paypal are simply breeding grounds for evil people.

    Evil people have been around forever. Ebay just opened the global door to them.

    We used to go to a place, pick what we wanted and paid the shopkeeper.

    Ebay made us all into prepay believers. That was just great for all the lowlife out there. Year round x-mas. Ebay sellers popped up by the thousands scamming buyers of their hard earned money in the millions. It took ebay years to dam the selling scams.
    But this does not matter to the low life scammers. Instead of selling scams they just turned their work into buying scams.
    The scammers are the same people as before.

    Evil people were here before ebay and they will be here long after ebay is gone.

    It's the whole idea of distance transactions. One always needs to get into his/her pocket first. As long as i can remember it was always the same:

    First the goods then the money. That has changed with ebay.


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