So I bought an account from him, which he said would be able to sell blah blah blah and all this crap. Then I sent him the money via MoneyPak because he said I'd get my account the same day, which I did not, "his wife was in the ER", then the account got locked right after I listed something. So after he gives me another one, I had to change my IP (it was a waste of time and trouble), then I had to open a virtual bank account, AND credit card after the name on the account, the account gets locked. I hadn't even listed anything. He said he had these accounts sitting already, they were made the same day he gave them to me.

All he does is links his a paypal to ebay to get the account to sell. He DOES NOT VERIFY them, and to prove that I haven't even got my refund here is a picture

I'm sick and tired of the scamming by this guy.