I hope that someone can help me.

I would like to check if Ive been a victim of a scam (I'm pretty sure it is). The seller of my last bought has disappeared from ebay, and the same happened to the items that this seller was selling. I sent an email to the seller and he did not reply me.

In "My eBay" my purchase does not appear anymore and in my bank they have taken 102,99 pound through my PayPal account.

I spoke to the spanish eBay Customer Service (I'm spanish and my eBay and PayPal accounts are spanish but I'm living in the UK and I bought this item while being in Glasgow) and they told me that I should call PayPal to ask for a refund. They gave me the spanish PayPal customer service number but its a special number that doesn't work from outside Spain. Does anybody know the UK PayPal customer service phone number? I'm not able to get this number from the PayPal website because I have a spanish account and when I login I always see the spanish number.

I already opened a case in eBay and it says that I have to wait till the 29th of August!!! I also sent an e-mail to the spanish customer service of PayPal and Im waiting for an answer.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.