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Thread: way to get paid via paypal users ?

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    dmaqtor Guest

    Default way to get paid via paypal users ?


    I have a webdesign service website and paypal decided to limited my account and after I send every paper i got to verify myself, they decided to close my account because my name doesn't match! ( I don't know what match means in paypal because my name clearly matches ).

    anyway, I will lose lots of costumers without paypal buy now button.

    is there a way my clients can me via paypal and the money goes to somewhere else ?, I hope there is one!


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    I was like the rest of the world fed up with PayPal and that was when I realized there are other options out there and I found this website. I am located in the US so I looked under the alternatives and found MerchantInc to be a great option for me. It did not cost anything to set up and I can cancel at anytime at no charge. Depending on where in the world you are you should look up to see if there is an option recommended for you. I am finally free of paypal

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    dmaqtor Guest


    good for you, actually i was surprise when i found payment gateway other than paypal !


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