To make a long story short, I sold a laptop on Ebay for $270, the laptop is worth over $400 still, however it does have some problems, and the listing was "As-Is" and also "no returns" and I outlined the problems with the auction.

The buyer didn't want it once he got it, and disputed me over ebay for the item, saying it wasn't as described. I went to paypal, withdrew the money, took my bank and credit card off file, and closed the account.

Ebay has instructed him to return the laptop to me, and sent me an email stating:
"We've asked the buyer to return the item to you.

Once we have delivery confirmation that you've received the returned item, eBay will refund the buyer the cost of the item plus original shipping. If eBay finds in favor of the buyer, we'll seek reimbursement from your PayPal account or other reimbursement payment method on file.

We'll put this case on hold for 10 days to give the buyer time to return the item to you."
Sounds to me like they've already ruled in his favor, but at this point I don't care. My concerns are, can they go into my closed paypal account and find my bank account info, even though I removed it and try to withdraw the funds, or what?

Another thing, funny enough, seems they've messed up. With that email, they give a copy of the buyer's original complaint..:

Please enter a phone number where we can get in touch with you.
Note: We'll only use this number if we need to reach you to get more information for this case.
1 702 686 ****

Can we share your number with the seller?

How can eBay help you?
I want a full refund

They gave me the guy's full phone number, even though he said not to.