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Thread: How to Become a Verified Seller

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    Default How to Become a Verified Seller

    Because of all the scamming going on, we have decided to implement a verified sellers section.

    This section will consist of sellers who have provided accounts to us to prove they are not scammers.

    If you would like to become a verified seller it is very simple, just send a PM to PayPalEmpire. Provide a draft of your thread and a sample account for us to test.

    Once we take a look at the account, test and maybe ask you a couple questions, you thread will be approved and you can either post there or we will move your thread there.

    *We are not responsible for any scammers, but we do recommend buying from our approved sellers to reduce you chance of being scammed*

    Visit the verified sellers section [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

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