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Thread: eBay is killing off antique dealers

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    Default eBay is killing off antique dealers

    A few weeks ago I wrote this community seeking advice behind a wrongful suspension of our account. After 13 straight days with eBay reps on the phone they made a contract with us to pay the bill on an unconnected 3rd party account that got our account suspended. We were told since they have linked our IP addresses together that we would still remain responsable for anything else the offending account would do in the future. We sold several 100K worth of items per year on ebay for several years now. After submitting payment to a Illinios Dept of ebay that's been closed for months & they don't even know it they renegged on their contract with us. What I discovered is ebay is completely phasing out antiques and dealers in the next year due to the "exposure" they face with their buyer's protection. They really don't have any free standing buyer's protection. They simply use what's already built into your credit cards to start with. Its steak knives and digital cameras only coming soon on ebay. Sellers-get in front of this fast. All "new accounts" are limited to 5K in total listings. This is part of the plan to get rid of us completely. Don't get caught like we did. It took us to the brink of destruction. Get your own websites up fast & don't let them do to you waht they did to us. Seen their stock values? I doubt they will even be in buisness in the next year. Big bad changes are coming!
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    I'm sorry eBay did this to you. But stock prices are actually going up for them however that doesnt mean the same thing as sales prices so one day they will be gone soon.


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