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Thread: A friend of mine sold on my ebay.

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    Default A friend of mine sold on my ebay.

    A friend of mine sold ask me if he could sell some tickets on my ebay account because he could sell on his. I did let him sell on my ebay, a few weeks later all of the customers that have bought tickets from him charged back and ebay gave them their money back.

    He sold for around 5K, he send half of that to his paypal and the other half to mine because he couldn't accept more.

    He took all the money, now I owe paypal/ebay around 2.5K, I don't have the money ot pay them back, what can I do, what will happen, please help me.

    The guy told me that he was getting the tickets from someone else and he had no idea that this was going to happen.

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    cacofonix Guest


    Tell ebay that your ebay account was hacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cacofonix View Post
    Tell ebay that your ebay account was hacked.
    that wont work since OP was responsible. With $2.5k, you will have like 6 months to pay it off before collection comes.

    If your "friend" used the ebay account with "his computer" at "his home" using a different "IP Address", then you can say that it was hacked.

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    Poorman Guest


    My friend lives in another country, so my paypal, his ebay and his paypal all have different ips.

    He used his Ebay sent half the money to my paypal and the other half to his paypal.

    What can I do ?

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    Stop lying... I have some tickets I want to sell, can I sell on your ebay as well

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    Default friend

    This "friend" of yours really screwed you, didn't he? If he is unwilling to pay you back the money that was taken out of the account as a result of his sale, than he is no friend at all. He owes you money, that's all i have to say. . .


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