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Thread: PayByWeb.Com Experiences - Positive or Negative

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    EroCentrique Guest

    Default PayByWeb.Com Experiences - Positive or Negative


    I would like to know about ANY experiences had by individuals that chose (knowingly or Unbeknownst) to Use PayByWeb.Com for their merchant services.

    I ask you please to take the time to detail your experiences so that this information might be shared with others considering using PayByWeb.Com as an alternative to PayPal.Com

    Thank you!

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    Default moneybookers all the way

    I've been using moneybookers for about a week now but you need to make sure and read the terms & conditions carefully. Your money is on hold for the first 40 days then after that its every 10 days so you won't be able to use the user interface that's listed in the faqs until that time period is up. I always get an email response within 24 hrs. Even if they did freeze your account it would have been for some type of policy violation and you would still get your moneyback eventually minus any chargebacks and refunds. I would never keep all my money tied up in 1 account. I use only moneybookers on ebay but I also give them the option in the invoice to use google checkout or money order and then send a seperate invoice for that.


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