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    case_jane Guest

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    What happens if a paypal account is negative $20K

    Here's the situation..
    My brother is a good person, powerseller with 100% that expected some merchandise to come that didn't. He sold the merchandise (before he knew he was getting ripped off)and naturally transferred it to his bank account. Anyone know what will happen? Any suggestions? thanks.

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    carissakae02 Guest

    Default Paypal is fraud

    i sold some items on ebay and they were purchased paid via paypal to my paypal account the buyer (2) filed different disputes both were refunded before i even received the items back. one item bought was a wholesale lot of marykay items which were not all returned to me and had about $400.00 worth of stuff taken from it. of course paypal allowed the money to be refunded leaving my account in the negative now they are calling me everyday to pay the money to them and i dont think its fair i am $400.00 less in goods and now $700.00 in negative with paypal.. where is that justice? They didnt even ask for a reply from me on both cases. still havent received the other item back and probly never will buyer has my printer and his money back... stuck in a hole and can't get out!!

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    nightwind Guest


    As far as I can know, PayPal has refused being recognized as a financial institution and therefore can't act like one, meaning that if your account is on the negative side, it's not like they 'loan' you money and you can legally challenge them if they try to coerce you into paying (I guess that depends on the exact status that paypal has in your region, if any).


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