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Thread: So much for Seller Alternatives

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    Exclamation So much for Seller Alternatives

    Attention Sellers:
    We noticed that you chose to offer credit card as a payment option. To confirm that you can support this process, please fax a copy of your most recent merchant processing statement to (408) 904-7387. Please ensure the statement is complete and includes all pages.

    Please include your eBay user ID, phone number and email address in the fax so that we can contact you.

    While we confirm your merchant credit card account, you can continue listing items on eBay with PayPal as the payment method. PayPal is convenient to use and offers buyers and sellers protection against fraud, chargebacks, and theft of financial data.

    I removed paypal from my listings and low and behold, before I can start processing payments through my personal buisness c/c processor I have to fax my merchant statement... yea right!!!

    But look at the bottom of the page I recieved from Ebay... ( in the meantime you can still use paypal ) that listing is now ended till something is figured out.

    God Bless Paypal Sucks, this is robbery and there needs to be something done

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    WOW its like they make you jump through hoops to get with someone either than pay pal. why would someone want to use pay pal if they already have a merchant account?

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    Default Not hard at all

    Actually it is not that complicated at all. I just called up my merchant account provider and they did it for me, faxed over the statement to ebay and that was that. All I had to do was give them my ebay user ID and the number to fax it to.

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    Ebay will lie to you and say that you can only use paypal if you are going to sell on their site but this is not true at you can see.

    You can use a merchant account and it is not hard at all to link to your ebay account. Don't let ebay fool you.

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    Well the whole point of these barriers is to make you use the eBay/PayPal ecosystem, and that is kinda hard when eBay doesn't put up barriers like this.
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    Got these directions from ebays website and linked my merchant account up to my ebay store in no time;

    Setting up a payment gateway for your Internet merchant account
    If you already accept credit and debit cards through an Internet merchant account, you can use checkout to accept these types of payments once you provide us with your payment gateway account information. Learn more about payment gateways and how they work.

    To set up your payment gateway on eBay checkout:

    1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.

    2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click Site Preferences.

    3. In the Selling Preferences section, click the Show link next to Payment from buyers.

    4. Click the Edit link.

    5. On the Payment Preferences page, select Accept credit or debit card payments to your Internet merchant account.

    Next, you'll need to enter your payment gateway information.

    Note: If you need help finding any of this information, please contact your payment gateway provider.

    To enter your payment gateway information:

    1. Choose your payment gateway provider from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    2. Enter your Merchant login (sometimes called "gateway login" or "API login ID"). This is the ID that identifies your account at the gateway for transaction processing.

    Note: This ID is usually different from the user ID you use to log into your gateway's website.

    3. Enter your Password (sometimes called the "password" or "transaction key").

    Note: Usually, this is a password that was generated by the payment gateway for you, not a password that you created.

    4. Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Vendor ID or User ID.

    5. Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Partner ID.

    6. Select the credit cards you'll accept through this payment gateway.

    7. Select your merchant preferences, such as whether you'll require buyer's credit cards to pass Address Verification (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSX/CVV) checks.

    8. Enter the credit card information for a credit card you accept and that's accepted by your gateway. Note: Your credit card won't be charged. We use this information to test that everything works correctly.

    9. Review your information and confirm it is correct.

    10. Click the Submit button.

    Once you have your payment gateway account information setup with checkout and enabled in your preferences, buyers have the option of paying you online by credit card.


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