I bought some goods from HERE [URL="http://www.pop-shopping.com"]http://www.pop-shopping.com[/URL] to the value 80. I didnt know it atthe time, but its run by a chinese guy in china, and everything they sell is counterfiet and high priced rubbish. I paid by Paypal.

When the goods arrived it became obvious in 20 mins it was cheap crap and a copy. I filed a dispute , the guy said send it back for a refund. I sent it back at a further cost of 10, and waited. Three weeks later, i got nothing, i escalated it to a claim, and all Paypal did was shrug there shoulders, on the basis they dont cover yo u for quality.

However, they DO shout all over there websites about how they protect you from fraud, and in the UK, passing off goods as the genuine thing is indeed fraud, and a criminal offence.

Whats the best line of attack to get my 90 back from either the chinese crook or the paypal crooks?